From the moment my husband and I walked into The Grove, we knew this was the place to have my son’s Bar Mitzvah. Then we met with Michael Subarsky and Alyssa Polansky and their warmth, confidence and professionalism was over the top. I was so excited! After all, you wait 13 years to plan this special day. I am the type of person that pays close attention to detail. Call me a Type- A personality. Michael & Alyssa were on top of their game from the moment I gave my deposit until my event there was no stone unturned. My son’s Bar Mitzvah had exceeded my expectations!

My son, Spencer. has had Celiac disease since he is 16 months old. He needs to adhere to a strict Gluten Free diet. It has certainly been a struggle, but lately with all the choices around it has become much easier to control his diet, My son has been to a million and one Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s.The food at these parties has always been an issue. Do I feed him beforehand? Do I call the venue and ask how can they accommodate him? Or do I just let him be hungry? One of my stipulations with The Grove is that I wanted specific gluten free stations so Spencer ( and other guests that are gluten free) can actually walk up to a station and pick whatever he wanted. This was his party and he should feel completely comfortable eating whatever he wants without worry. The Grove said “not a problem”. It was incredible all the gluten free choices they had not to mention all the gluten free options for dessert including a chocolate fondue station. My son was as happy as could be that night. The rest of my guests who were able to eat the “regular” food have not stopped raving about how delicious everything was.  The attention to detail surpassed my wildest dreams. As I reflect upon that incredible night on June 15, 2013, I can only say to The Grove, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for the most spectacular night of our lives. It truly was a night to remember!

Marni Askinazy

Hi Alyssa,

We want to thank you very much for a wonderful job you and your staff did for my mom’s wedding.  It was truly beautiful!  We had a wonderful time and everyone who was involved in the wedding did an amazing job, Maggie especially.

We look forward to planning our next event with you.

With warmest regards,

Gina and Vera


Hi Alyssa,

Just wanted to share my elation about the perfect wedding for Lauren with you and thank you for being such a huge part of why it was so wonderful. Your personal attention was extremely important. Everything was handled with ease and your attention to detail–divine. I was just telling my other daughter, Kim (MOH), about how you saw that I got powder on my gown from the “something old, something new” part of our time together and how you immediately attended to cleaning my gown and solicited the other woman who helped us throughout the day, too. Helping Kim to cut my gown-lining was crucial as well- Boy, you were everywhere! It was lovely to be able to relax since you took all the worry out of the entire day.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. You made a difference in our most precious day for Lauren & Sean and it will not be forgotten by any of the Parian family.
Lynne Parian – Happiest MOB


Dear Alyssa,

Here are just a few points of praise for The Grove. Everyone I know who attended the marriage ceremony on the 16th was VERY pleased.
My daughter and her fiance, Jonica Williams and Alexander Couweleers, were married with 50+ other couples at The Grove on Feb. 16, 2013. I could not imagine a more beautiful and well-orchestrated event. Between your staff and that of HSA-UWC, the evening flowed from the moment we drove up to your covered entryway, greeted by smiling vallet attendants, until the moment we drove away. The interior design is regal and filled with light, having beautiful marble floors, elegant stairways and a romantic elevator that add backdrop beauty to any photograph. By the elevator, one photographer took a series of shots of Jonica and Alex as the door was closing – the elevator contributes a lovely atmosphere from which the imagination can create a story.
The service was fabulous and the meal was beautifully served: tender, delicious, and hot, including the bread. Our waiter was very professional, attentive to our needs before asking (our party was at tables 16 & 24).
The Grove is elegant without feeling fussy. I loved the staircase coming into the main ballroom – it was a wonderful way to introduce each couple, giving them their own personal moment. It might be a small thing, but I did appreciate the uncovered dining chairs. To me, fully covered chairs give a ”heavy” look (and they must be expensive to constantly clean!).
Also, there were well placed benchs and chairs in quiet places away from the party, providing a moment to rest or quietly chat and bathrooms were easy to find.

The Grove easily has a Top Star rating from my family!

Thank you for making my daughter’s wedding such a lovely event,

Cathy Williams
Clifton, NJ

The Grove is in a class by itself! My husband and I got married this past October 2012 and hosted our wedding reception at The Grove. We are so happy we chose The Grove!! It was the most spectacular event of my life!!!….as well as the most amazing and memorable evening for all of our 200 guests! We were told by almost every person that it was the BEST wedding they have ever been too!! Words cannot express the upmost gratitude we have for Alyssa, Frank, and The Grove. From the very beginning of our wedding to the final hour, everything was outstanding! Coming from a large family, we’ve been to A LOT of weddings and we thought we have seen it all…. until now! WOW!! The Grove was ABOVE and BEYOND our expectations! :)

The atmosphere & ambiance of this beautiful venue is just breathtaking….right down to the restrooms. Your guests will be in awe the whole evening. The Cocktail Hour was just MAGNIFICENT!! … it had the most impressive presentation of mouth-watering appetizers & hors d’oeuvres that anyone has ever seen!!!! The variety, assortment, and quality of the food was amazing!! Our guests are still RAVING about that Cocktail Hour!! Chef Anthony is the best! He was very accommodating… he even worked with us to create our very own 1st course entree which was not on the menu. We were told many times that every dish served that night was delicious! Our guests really enjoyed the food….which I think is the most important element to a great wedding!

The Viennese table was AWESOME!! Our guests said it was more like a “Viennese Room”!! They LOVED when the wall opened up to reveal a HUGE, gorgeous room full of tasty desserts & coffees!! It was a great surprise and such an incredible way to end a perfect night! :)

The staff was FABULOUS!! The ratio of servers to guests was MORE than adequate. Everyone was wonderful, not only to us, but they treated our guests like royalty. We were told numerous times that the whole crew was professional, classy, & friendly. Alyssa was truly a pleasure to work with! From day one we knew we were in good hands. She was always so helpful, knowledgeable, caring, & reliable. I felt comfortable contacting her at anytime of the day for any reason. She was always available for me and made me feel that my wedding was top priority. We were so lucky to meet her!

Our overall experience was UNBELIEVABLE! I honestly have nothing bad to say about The Grove. You definitely get what you pay for. I wish I can do it all over again! Trust me, if u want to experience the CELEBRATION OF A LIFETIME… The Grove is your place. You will not be disappointed! The Grove is in a class by itself.

My husband and I do not know where to begin when providing our testimonial for The Grove. The day after we were engaged we googled “best wedding venues in the tri state area” being that he is from NY and I am from PA. The Grove was the first place we ever looked at on line and we fell in love, thinking there was no way we would ever actually have our wedding at such an exquisite venue.  Once we went to see The Grove, we were welcomed by Rich (and we took both of our parents along). From the minute we got out of our car we were blown away! The lobby, the staircase, the chandeliers, the rooms, the bridal suites, the bathrooms-AMAZING! There was not a hair out of place and this was a random day that we just went to view the site. We booked The Grove immediately, being that there were only 3 dates remaining in the year.  We were over the moon about our family and friends seeing this amazing venue.  From January 2012 to November 11th 2012 (our wedding day) we had the best service and experience imaginable, and that is no exaggeration. Even after Hurricane Sandy, The Grove operated beyond smoothly. Daily emails were sent to The Grove staff including Rich and Nat, and we received responses almost immediately.  Every question was answered and every detail and worry was tended to.  We visited the Grove many times over the year of our planning and every time we fell in love again and again.  One evening we even took our DJ there to meet Rich and just show him the venue. Rich went out of his way to always accommodate us and our never ending questions and requests.  Nat met with us and our parents several times and reviewed every detail and menu item, providing us with the most impressive taste testing we’ve ever had. Our biggest worry was the food since we didn’t know anyone who had eaten there.  Let us tell you, the food was out of this world! From the presentation to the taste, the word phenomenal doesn’t do it justice! Not only was the food impressive, but the bar and the glassware was beyond our standards. Being from PA, I knew that not many of the guests from my side would have ever seen anything like the Grove. My husband, being from NY, I thought would have guests impressed but not stunned. Boy was I wrong! EVERY guest had the time of their life. After valeting their car and checking their coats, they were greeted with our signature drink in the most amazing lobby you have ever seen!  They were then whisked away into a cocktail room that one couldn’t even dream up. Amazing floral displays and food stations on rich and uniquely designed tables surrounded the room as well as white glove butler service.  The funny thing is most guests thought that this was the reception! The bridal party enjoyed VIP service in the TWO bridal suites with our own amazing attendants (especially Angela and Joel) while we overlooked the cocktail hour from our own personal balcony.  Angela was my ANGEL that evening, fetching my flowers, getting a stain out of my dress, holding my purse and fur, and getting me everything I asked for and even things I didn’t! She was always at my side!! At one point, I mentioned that I didn’t bring comfortable shoes to change into and all Nat had to do was give her one quick whisper and she was off, returning with white flip flops, in my size, tied with a white bow!!  I’m still in shock! The Grove staff walked us through the entire evening from our entrance, to our first dance, to our cake cutting, garter toss, and Viennese hour.  Words cannot begin to express how sad we are that our wedding night is over and that we will no longer be dealing with the Grove or its staff! The food was even better at the wedding than we had remembered, and we still wish we ate more. There is just so much food that you don’t know where to turn. There is literally something for EVERYONE, vegan, gluten free, meat lovers, sea food lovers, you name it, and it’s there! Even the Viennese hour had endless desserts including a waffle station, gelato station, freshly made crepes, and chocolate fondue to name A FEW. When we got back from our honeymoon and traveled to family member’s houses for the holidays, the compliments never stopped! We heard how attentive the staff was, how spotless the entire venue was, how the cocktail hour stations were stocked full all the way to the end of the hour, never having an “empty sterno” or empty station like other venues.  We heard how every time they left the table and came back, their napkin was refolded! Glasses were never empty, there was never a wait at the bar, and meals were all served together so guests could eat at once! The DJ, Videographer, and photographers were beyond impressed also, and they see hundreds of venues. At one point my cousin mentioned wanting coffee and when she turned back around a waiter was there with coffee, espresso, and cappuccino on a silver tray with white gloves! Her jaw dropped.  I never pulled my chair out or lifted my napkin; we were truly treated like royalty. My mother wasn’t eating her meal because she was so full from cocktail hour and the steak wasn’t exactly how she wanted it, but it was delicious none the less, and instantly a waiter came over and asked her what was wrong. Nat personally removed the dish and came back with a new meal.  My mother ate every morsel.  Another instance, my grandmother mentioned wanting sangria and she had heard they didn’t have it.  Before we knew it, a pitcher was brought over to her table, freshly made by the staff without her even asking for it! My father in law loves his steak rare and a waiter mentioned making it black and blue for him, now let me tell you, my father in law works in the food business, he said it was the best filet he had ever had! I can go on and on with stories like these from all 200 plus guests of the wedding!  Several people had been to events at the White House and said that this wedding was better than those events!! One relative said during cocktail hour that he had been to dozens of weddings and that this one was ONE of the best- my dad mentioned to him what was to come in the next room, followed by the unveiling of the Viennese hour. My relative didn’t believe him.  At the end of the night, he came back up to my dad and said, I lied, this is THE BEST wedding I have ever been to.  The ONLY complaint we received is that the night went by to quick and they wanted to go back to The Grove! Everything was picture perfect and went off without a hitch. When it was time to cut the cake we wanted to cry because we knew the end was near. The Grove is so amazing that you almost need a whole day there because there just isn’t enough time in one evening to take it all in. The lighting, the sound system, the food, the drinks, the staff, and the details-it’s breathtaking. We can’t stress enough about how helpful and courteous the staff was; even the owner and Michael Subarsky were overly friendly and helpful. At the end of the evening, everything was packed up and ready for us to take home: our frames, gifts, wedding cake, guest book, etc. were ready at the door.  The day started off terribly when the limo service called to tell us the limo broke down and wouldn’t be coming, as well as the makeup artist we hired was in the hospital. It was a nightmare.  From the minute we got to The Grove, we forgot any negativity from the beginning of the day when we were greeted by Nat, Rich, Joel, and Angela.  We felt at home, we felt happy and excited and ready to really begin celebrating. We’d do all the negative things all over again just to end the night so positively like we did at the Grove. We want to get married again just to go back and have The Grove experience with the compassionate staff and the amazing food! This review is in no way shape or form an exaggeration.  On New Year’s Eve the entire family got together again and all anyone could talk about was The Grove. Well done! Brides and Grooms should not get married anywhere else. We will truly truly miss this place.

Most Respectfully,
John and Lauren Sclafani

My husband and I highly recommend The Grove to any couple looking for a wedding venue. We truly enjoyed communicating with Alyssa during the wedding planning process. She was always available and often responded to our emails on her days off. Alyssa was very pleasant, helpful and professional. We were very happy with the customer service. Our guests loved the venue for it’s beauty. The facilities are very well maintained. The attentive staff added value to our experience. Various guests mentioned they enjoyed the white glove service. I was very impressed with Angela (my bridal attendant). She waited at the door for my arrival during the morning of the wedding. She helped me get ready and provided helpful advice throughout the day. She educated me on things I had not even thought of. I truly appreciated her assistance. I really enjoyed having Angela’s company. Everyone loved the food! I wish I had eaten more! The wedding night goes by very fast. Everyone really enjoyed the cocktail hour, the menu truly has something for everyone’s taste. Another highlight included the beautiful ice sculpture created by Kevin. My husband and guests really loved the Peruvian Tumi sculputure. It was flawless! We also enjoyed the privacy the venue offers. We are so happy we chose The Grove for our wedding venue. If anyone is looking for a wedding venue, we would recommend he/she visit The Grove for a tour. You may just fall in love (once again!).

Breathtaking is the first word that comes to mind when I think about The Grove.  My husband and I got married a few weeks ago and The Grove exceeded our expectations by far.  The first time my husband and I went to see The Grove, we couldn’t believe that this place had one wedding at a time.  Not only did we have three separate rooms to ourselves (the ceremony room, cocktail hour room, and reception room), but we had beautiful bridal suites to get ready in.  My bridesmaids and I took advantage of the suites and had our hair and makeup done there.  We were provided with Mimosas, breakfast and lunch.  I haven’t stopped hearing from friends and family about how great the food and service really was.  Many said it was the best wedding they have been to and I have The Grove to thank for.

Since my husband and I have returned from our honeymoon, everyone who attended our wedding has been over the moon about our reception at The Grove.  We have heard, “that is the best wedding we have ever been to”, more times than we can count.  We are especially grateful since every staff member at The Grove was there for us.  We were married on November 2nd which was a few days after Hurricane Sandy.  There was not ONE DETAIL that The Grove promised to us that was skipped or missed due to the storm.  I still cannot believe we were able to have the wedding of our dreams during a time of complete devastation!  from when we booked The Grove to the day of our wedding, the staff was more than helpful and accommodating.  Someone always answered the phone, quickly returned my emails, and was sincerely friendly to me and my husband.  A sign of true excellence is the level of customer service and The Grove exemplifies excellence.  Besides the staff, the overall aesthetics of The Grove are just stunning.  It is a true 5 senses venue!  The acoustics are perfectly balanced, the lighting is gorgeous, the food is beyond gourmet and you feel luxury just being a part of the day at The Grove.  I would highly recommend this venue to any bride and groom that is looking for THE perfect wedding day experience.  You will be more than happy with the fruits of your labor once you get to celebrate your happy day.   The Grove is more than 5 stars in my book!

My husband and I were married at The Grove on October 6th, 2012.  We, as well as all of our guests, were literally blown away!  I cannot express the compliments that we received.  The food was honestly the best wedding food I have tasted EVER.  The cocktail hour had every variety of food and everything tasted AMAZING.  The dinner was so incredible, that several guests asked for to-go bags to take their leftovers home!  The desserts offered at the Viennese were not only delicious, but were presented beautifully.  Besides the amazing food, everything was top shelf at the bar.  The staff was the best staff I have ever seen at any wedding in my life.  No matter how small of a request I had, it was executed immediately.  They were always willing to help and honestly made the night go by flawlessly.  My husband and I are by no means “easy clients” but The Grove didn’t match our expectations, they completely surpassed them!  I cannot thank the staff at The Grove enough for making my dream come true.  I have attended weddings all over New Jersey and without a doubt, this is the BEST wedding venue!  If you want a fairy tale wedding, this is the place to go!

My husband and I got married at The Grove on 10.13.12.  I don’t even know where to begin. From the very first time we stepped in the venue, we knew no other place would compare and as our experience with The Grove, and the staff progressed, we were right.  Having a wedding at The Grove is every couples dream.  Alyssa helped my husband and I every step of the way.  She was very diligent with answering any questions we had and went above and beyond to give us everything that we could ever want for our wedding.  The day of our wedding was exactly like Alyssa had promised us it would be.  The food was EXACTLY as we had it at our food tasting. Everything was delicious and we had never had food at a wedding that had tasted like The Grove’s.  The ambience of the venue was breathtaking, the service was impeccable and food was outrageous.  The Grove is a catering hall that offers responsive and helpful staff with a very regal and classy atmosphere.  To this day, our guests are talking about our wedding because of the venue, service, and its food.  Thank you Alyssa for making our wedding everything we could eve dream of and more!

Gabrielle & Jeremy Priore

On Monday, October 15, 2012, Daughters of Israel held our second annual Lunch, Shop & Play at The Grove.  We had 200 women attend this year’s event.  The venue is magnificent!  We enjoyed lunch in The Regency Room, which was very comfortable and the presentation was perfect.  Everyone thought the food was absolutely delicious!  We were very pleased with the ease and efficiency of the valet parking.  Overall, it was a fantastic event.

Eve Goldberg

Director of Special Events

I just wanted to Thank you very much for a great party!!! Everyone had enjoyed the food very much and loved the dessert display but mostly the staff was very courteous and very accommodating to our guests. Most guests were very very impressed also how arriving and being escorted to the elevator as well as being escorted from the elevator to room where the party was held.

Thank You Again for everything!!!!

Jennifer Hipolito

Dear Nat:

Thank you for making Nina’s Sweet Sixteen a dream come true! Your attention to every detail, generosity and excellence made all the difference.  Thank you to your exquisite staff, who made us feel so special throughout the entire evening.  The food was spectacular, the ambiance was perfect, and the event surpassed our highest expectations.  You are a prince, and a credit to your industry and to The Grove.

Warm regards,

Paula Franzese

I first heard about The Grove from one of my friends during dinner after telling her how I had been searching and struggling to find a beautiful wedding venue that would be able to accommodate around 400 to 500 guests. Luckily my friend had grown up in Cedar Grove so she didn’t have to think twice after seeing this beautiful banquet and catering hall being built from the ground up. I quickly jumped onto the internet that instant to see if this venue could actually be “the one,” the place where we were going to have our wedding reception. After going through all the beautiful pictures and informative videos the website had to offer, I was eager to visit the place as soon as possible to see if it looked as beautiful in person. I told my fiancé to make some time from his busy work schedule the next day so we could go visit the grounds and take a tour of the beautiful grand ballroom. But apparently my fiancé was more eager than I. Immediately after dinner we directly drove there, even though we knew it would be closed. We both loved the location and outside grounds once we saw it. We were so intrigued to see more. As promised, my fiancé took me the next day to see the entire place.

It was even better than I had imagined, even more stunning than the website pictures; the high ceilings, the art deco lobby, the beautiful chandeliers, the double staircase, the gorgeous bridal suite, everything and more that I envisioned my wedding reception to have. The entire place was breathtaking, every single room was beyond amazing and every small detail did not go unnoticed. Once we stepped in the car to drive back home, I turned to my fiancé and told him this was the place I had to get married.
Before I knew it, I had a date at The Grove. August 5th, 2012. I knew I had a lot of work to do being that my wedding was less than 6 months away. But luckily, I found Alyssa, who helped every part of my wedding planning and preparation run smoothly. She was my “go to” girl. Always responsive when I had a question, always eager to help, and always making time from her busy schedule to assist me in honestly anything I needed. She was a pleasure to work with and I was so happy that The Grove had someone as smart, detail oriented and organized as her to work with.
As the date came closer and closer, I was getting nervous but I was confident that The Grove was more than capable of handling our wedding. A month before the wedding my fiancé and I sat down with Alyssa and Frank, the owner, and we went over every detail of the wedding. The color of the lights, the stations during cocktail, the passed hors d’oeuvres, the set up of the room, the entrance of the bridal party, the timing of dinner and the Viennese table. Alyssa and Frank reassured us about any concerns we had and were more than helpful to answer any questions we had.
August 5th came around and I couldn’t have asked for a more magical and fairy tale wedding thanks to Frank and Alyssa. Everything was perfect, from the signature cocktail the guests received when they first walked into The Grove to the favor they received when they left the reception hall. My husband and I received countless emails and telephone calls after the wedding informing us that they were in utter awe and had never seen a more beautiful wedding. They said every single bite they had to eat all night was mouth-watering, from the cocktail to the Viennese display. They said the service was impeccable, the staff was gracious and the atmosphere of the entire place was breathtaking. As for my husband and I, we now have the best memories from our wedding day. Frank and Alyssa really went above and beyond to make sure everything was flawless the entire night. The service we received that night was perfect, the food was delicious, and above all we were able to dance, drink, and party till 2a.m at the after party without a single worry because everything was being taken care. The Grove made all my wedding dreams turn into a reality and my husband and I honestly cannot wait to have another event at The Grove!

Our daughter, Jennifer and son-in-law, Nathan had their reception at The Grove this past weekend, 8/18/12. I cannot say enough good things about the service from the entire staff and especially, Michael, for helping with all our arrangements. Michael – all I can say is you kept your promise and provided the most spectacular wedding reception ever! The food was excellent and the atmosphere breathtaking! Thank you.

Tom and Irene Dudek

The Grove is AWESOME! We just had our reception there. Frank and his staff went above and beyond. The quality and service were top notch. They made sure our wedding day was perfect! All of our guests were raving about the food and venue. It really was beyond extraordinary. If you are thinking about having a wedding or an event here. Book with confidence!

I recently got married at The Grove and it was amazing. My husband and I fell in love with its magnificent lobby and ballroom and booked the venue immediately. Nat and Stacy were so great to work with leading up to the big day. Stacy responded to all my questions immediately via email and telephone. Nat used his experience and expertise to ensure that we had an elegant and classy wedding. My husband and I used both bridal suites to get ready the day of the wedding. The suites and bathrooms are beautiful! It was so convenient. We did hair and makeup there as well and were provided with champagne, cheese, crackers, and fruit. Sue, my bridal attendant, out did herself. She was with us for 15 hours! She even took my dress to be steamed while we were getting ready. She helped the day to go smooth and I didn’t have to worry about anything. The wedding ceremony site was beautiful and intimate. The amount of food at the cocktail hour was ridiculous. The shrimp were the biggest I have ever seen. There was so much delicious food; guests were still full when dinner was served! The filet mignon could be cut with a butter knife. The Grove Viennese Tables were fantastic as well. There were so many delicious treats to choose from. The food was incredible and everyone is still raving about it. The service was also second to none. Guests never even had to go the bar if they didn’t want to because their table waiter made sure they always had a drink. The entire event went so smoothly and I was able to relax and enjoy the best night of my life. I highly recommend The Grove to future brides.

Dear Nat & Staff,
You guys were beyond amazing. Everything was perfect because of you. We did not have one complaint of anything. The Grove was the answer to completing our fairy tale. Thank you SO much. We can’t wait to be a guest at The Grove!

Randi & Scott Kerner

Even though the weather wasn’t ideal we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and night! Everything was impeccable from start to finish. Nat was incredible to work with and Alyssa and Maggie were amazing the day of the wedding. We had beyond a perfect wedding and couldn’t have asked for anything more! Thanks you for everything. You guys are the best!!

Samantha Ziman

“It was everything we dreamed our Senior Prom would be” were the words from the Seniors who attended their prom on 5.24.12 at The Grove.

The Senior prom was fantastic and the food was exceptionally good. It was by far the best venue we have ever been to. The kids all had a blast and loved the elegance of The Grove. We are looking forward to next year!

Joni Haas
Senior Class Advisor
Memorial High School
West New York, New Jersey

My son Aaron had his Bar Mitzvah at The Grove on 3.24.12. The whole experience was phenomenal! The food and service was amazing. The staff was always available whenever we needed them. Frank and the entire staff at The Grove was a pleasure to work. They paid attention to every detail to make the party the success it was. I would highly recommend The Grove for your next event.

Lisa Kolten-Reznik

I would like to thank you personally for the magnificent and perhaps life-saving work you
did for us during our inaugural Taste of Montclair event for the Rotary Club of Montclair.
We enjoyed working with your staff on many levels. The facility is stunning – and I believe no other facility can surpass The Grove in its many charms.
Your staff was helpful, and allowed us to accommodate over 500 guests. I also must share the news that after the event, hundreds of people told me that one of their favorite food offerings at the Taste of Montclair – with about 40 to choose from – was that of the Grove.
Due to your assistance, the Rotary Club of Montclair had a successful evening. We
raised almost $25,000 – and every penny of this money is going to local charities.
With so many hundreds of local families going hungry every day, this event was truly a
life-saving one, and I thank you.
See you next year!

Diane Lilli
The Rotary Club of Montclair
Taste of Montclair Co-Chair

Planning our event at the Grove was a very pleasant experience. The team worked well with us to cater to our every need. We were planning the event all the way from Chicago, so email was key to communication. Rich Madalena was prompt with all email replies and gave us a sense of comfort that everything will go as planned! I bombarded him with questions and emails on a daily basis, he handled everything very professionally. On the day of the event, as we showed up for our couples shoot, the grove’s bridal attendant, Maggie Aranda welcomed me. She made sure all our belongings were kept safely, brought us food during the cocktail hour, made sure all our gifts were stored away safely, and ran to get me an espresso because I was yawning during our photo shoot! That kind of personal attention is hard to come by! The team at the Grove worked very well with our decor team, event coordinators and caterers to ensure everything was on point. We were so happy with the way everything went! A special thanks to Rich and Maggie for doing such a phenomenal job!!

Deepti and Vivek

Dear Nat,

What can we say about Stephanie and Shariff’s wedding? Stellar? Spectacular?
Gorgeous? What a fabulous venue The Grove is. Not only is it breathtaking to see, but
the warmth, caring and attention to every detail from the staff is unprecedented. We felt like royalty.

Thank you so much for the ice sculpture and martini bar. It was beautiful and you made lots of people so very happy!!! And the food…holy smokes! One thing was better than the next.

And you, Nat. You were magnificent. You are indeed a perfect host to the hosts. You made my life so much easier at a time that could have been very stressful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

Our guests were overwhelmed by it all…the grandeur of the rooms, the food, the attentiveness of the staff….our bridal attendant was incredibly ahead of us with any of our needs in those many hours before the ceremony.

What more can I say? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! An overwhelmingly incredible experience.

With Very Warm Regards,

Irene Scianna

James Gutentag and The Grove are a lethal combination in Off-Premise Catering. The seventy-five guests in our home this past Saturday, were “oohing and ahhing” over the quality of the food, the detailed presentation and the professional service. You simply cannot host a better party then leaving it in the capable hands of James Gutentag and The Grove. Thank you for making my Father’s 70th, a most memorable occasion.

The event was a Kosher Corporate Dinner for Congregation Ahawas Achim located in West Orange, NJ. From day one when I met Michael Subarsky I was comfortable and he made me feel at ease with everything. The event was superb and the food was excellent. The teamwork between Joel from Prestige and Michael went so smoothly. I highly recommend The Grove to other people who are looking for a venue for their event.

Larry Liebman
Co-Chairman of Event

I want to thank everyone who made Aaron’s party such an outstanding success. Our guests have not stopped raving about the delicious and abundant food, the impeccable service, and the beauty of the facility. Frank and his staff were so easy to work with and incredibly accommodating.

We will recommend the Grove to anyone and everyone! Can’t wait to have another party!

Thank you.

Carol Kolton

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